Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions of Business


In any computer installation or upgrade, there remains the possibility of hardware and/or systems failure which may result in the loss of systems or data. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure they have a data backup prior to any work being undertaken. GML will not accept any responsibility for the loss of any system or any data lost as a result of any work undertaken by GML. All measures necessary to ensure the backup of the Customer's data remains the exclusive responsibility of the Customer.

In any computer installation or upgrade, there remains the possibility that incompatibilities may be discovered. In all such cases, except where the applicable hardware has been supplied or recommended by GML, we reserve the right to update the requirements accordingly. Due notification will be made to the customer, and wherever possible, authorisation will be sought before continuing. The customer is responsible for all additional labour incurred as a result of such an incompatibility occurring.


Where time is spent traveling to and from a customer's site, this is deemed chargeable time.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices displayed by GML exclude labour, delivery and VAT. All prices are subject to change without notice. E&OE.


All hardware returned to us without fault will be subject to a 20% restocking fee, as imposed by our suppliers. Any charges related to labour in such a case will be charged in full.


In general, a charge is made where either (i) we have performed work for the client at the client's request, or (ii) where we have assisted the client with their full knowledge and consent in resolving a situation. A charge will be levied in any such case regardless of whether a particular agreement has been made to cover this incident. By accepting our assistance you have deemed your acceptance of this condition. This extends to include situations where we have acted without the prior knowledge of the client but in the client's best interests. Please note we will only perform such actions where prior authorised.


In the event that GML shall sub-contract a service or installation to a third-party, the third-party's terms and conditions will apply (in addition to GML's own terms and conditions) for the duration of the installation or service. Copies of all such terms and conditions are available on request.


In the case where a piece of equipment has been deemed faulty and is replaced under warranty, any labour expended on behalf of the client whilst handling the warranty is deemed chargeable work, as per the above.


In such a case where in our opinion (and not the opinion of the client) an issue is not fully resolved, we will continue to make a charge for our services, but at a rate of 50% of our current labour rates. In the event a contract is prematurely terminated by a client we reserve the right to invoice our labour at our current labour rates.


Our estimated prices are provided on the basis that all goes well. Only in circumstances where the equipment and services we are providing are not reliant on the integration of any existing ICT equipment or services can and will we provide quotations rather than estimates. For example, we will provide quotations for the installation of stand-alone PCs provided with a GMLNET dialup account and a Frinton.NET Email address, but an estimate would instead be provided if the PC was to be networked to existing PCs, connected to existing peripherals, or an alternative Internet provider was to be used.


All items brought to our premises will be subject to a one-hour minimum assessment fee. Currently our minimum on-site callout charge is the value of 0.25 hour’s worth of labour.


Please contact us for our current hourly rates.


Upon cancellation of a network support contract all future work will be performed at ex-contract rates.


All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Terms and conditions of Internet Services


Our Internet Services are provided "as is", and we will not be held responsible for any claim including but not limited to loss of turnover, loss of sales revenue, loss of profit (direct or indirect), consequential or special loss. Use of our products or services indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions of business relating to Internet Services.


We reserve the right to immediately suspend your service for breach of any of the following conditions:

* The breach of any of our terms and conditions of business relating to Internet Services.
* The suspected breach of any of our terms and conditions of business relating to Internet Services.
* The breach of any of our terms and conditions of business.


Unsolicited emails ("spam").
If an email is flagged as spam and reported to us as such we must investigate this hence we will notify you of any such instances.
Please note the labour in these cases is deemed chargeable time.
We reserve the right to terminate your connection with no notice if any account is sending "spam" emails. The definition of "spam" is unsolicited emails.


By using our products or services, you hereby agree to indemnify GML against any claim arising as a result of your use of our services, and/or the content contained within your webspace, Email or any other Internet Service.


Unless otherwise requested, Domain Names will be registered in our name. This is to aid us in providing service for your Domain Name. Your proof of ownership of your Domain Name is provided in the form of an invoice for that Domain Name. In such cases the contract relating to your Domain Name will exist between yourself and GML. If you elect that your Domain Name should be registered in your own name, the contract relating to the Domain Name will exist between yourself and our elected Supplier (the appropriate Naming Authority), and GML will act as an agent on your behalf.

In either case, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of the appropriate Naming Authority, a copy of which may be obtained from their website. Upon request GML will identify the Naming Authority concerned and direct you to their website.


Invoices will be issued 1-2 months before the renewal date of domain(s). We will renew domains where invoices are fulfilled and will make every possible attempt to contact clients to confirm they wish to renew. Where no contact is possible we may renew the domain or it may expire.


Domain Names are sold subject to availability, and as such GML cannot guarantee the registration of any Domain Name. Until specific confirmation of registration is provided by GML, you may not assume any Domain Name registration has been successful.


GML provides no warranty that any Domain Name requested will not infringe the rights of any third party. Use of our products or services indicates acceptance that you agree to indemnify GML in respect of any such infringements.


The Registrant acknowledges having read and understood and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of each relevant TLD dispute policy according to each applicable Registration Accreditation Agreement.


If you fail to settle an invoice with the result that we are forced to suspend your web services, or if your web services are suspended for any other reason for which we deem you to be at fault for, all Internet service charges will remain payable as if the Domain had been renewed normally. We will renew your Internet Services for a maximum of two years after initial suspension, following which time your Domain Name(s) may be released or held to assist us recover our costs at a later date, at our discretion.


Renewal invoices will be issued 1-2 months before the renewal date of domain(s). We will renew domains where invoices are fulfilled and will make every possible attempt to contact clients to confirm they wish to renew. Where no contact is possible we may renew the domain or it may expire. There are no charges for transferring a domain name from GML to a new Registrar. To contact us for customer redress or to make a complaint, please email us via: abuse@gmlnt.com


All cancellations must be received in writing within one calendar month of the renewal invoice date (if appropriate) and at least seven days in advance of the service expiry date as shown on the invoice (if appropriate).

In the event of a cancellation notice being received outside this term, the cancellation will apply at the end of the new term and the current term will remain payable as per the invoice.

No refunds will be issued in respect of services that are not cancelled by the the appropriate date or where services are cancelled in advance of the service expiry date.


If you suspect a breach of our terms and conditions, please report the matter to us via: abuse@gmlnt.com

We take abuse reports seriously, and this procedure will be followed:

* All complaints will be intercepted by a human.
* If a complaint is found to be valid (i.e. not spam or an unrelated subject) it will be personally investigated at our earliest opportunity.
* If the complaint is upheld the offending site will be suspended until such time that the offending material has been removed.
* An apology will be issued if the opportunity warrants it.
* Further action may be taken against the offender.
* The offender of course indemnifies GML against all action by use of our services.


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