PC Speed-Up

Give your PC the gift of speed

Replacing the hard disk in your PC (or laptop) with a solid state disk (SSD) is the best way to speed up your existing machine.

An SSD has no moving parts and as such your programs and files will load much quicker than if they were being loaded from a mechanical hard drive, which is probably the case unless you’ve just purchased a new machine.

Speed up your PC this Christmas

All your programs and data will be preserved and your machine will appear exactly as it currently does – just faster.

Increased Speed

Increased Speed
Blazing-fast speed up for your PC.

Solid State Disk

Solid State Disk
An SSD has no moving parts and can access your files much quicker than your old Hard disk.

To take advantage of this Christmas offer we just need to determine exactly how much space you are currently using, order in an SSD with suitable capacity and then migrate your data to the new drive.



Prices include the SSD itself, installation, VAT and your old hard disk will be handed back to you as a backup of your device at this moment in time.

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