Email Spam Filtering

Bullet-proof your email security by using a Email Spam Filtering service to protect your business from malware, phishing, and spam.

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Email remains critically important for businesses of all sizes and as a result it remains one of the most common vectors for malware attacks.

Email Spam Filtering uses sophisticated threat detection methods to protect against malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyberthreats.

A continuously updated Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine is maintained that checks every incoming and outgoing email over two million secure domains worldwide.

A threat identified in one mailbox updates the detection algorithms for all other users in near real-time, providing incredible protection for your email.

Filtering Engine includes:

• Collective threat intelligence

• Fingerprinting

• Advanced analysis

• Real-time message source analysis

• Multiple virus engines

• Emerging threat detection

• Geographical filtering

• Attachment blocking
Spam filtering

Spam filtering Email is scanned to identify spam, phishing and virus-laden messages by powerful heuristics and detection routines.

Detect and delete threats

Detect and delete threats Multiple antivirus engines and zero-hour pattern-based detection that identifies malware in its early stages.

Spam quarantine

Email quarantine A regular summary email of the quarantined messages held in a safe location allows them to be checked and restored if necessary.

Easy administration

Easy administration Whitelist trusted senders and blacklist known unwanted senders addresses.