Problems with your IT systems can disrupt business operations and lead to loss of opportunities and revenue. When problems strike you need to be able to rely on a course of action to remedy the situation.

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We provide both fixed-price network support contracts and ad-hoc/PAYG support as required to non-contract clients.

Our network support contract prices are based on your actual usage of telephone, remote and on-site support.

Contract support tasks are prioritised above calls from non-contract clients. PAYG support will be estimated and quoted for on an issue-by-issue basis. As your knowledge of your requirements increases, you may wish to move to a support contract.

• If you have an urgent issue, please contact our support desk on 01255 851 999 where you may queue for the next available operator, or leave a message and the next available engineer will return your call, usually within fifteen minutes.

• If you have a non-urgent issue then please email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we will look at your issue behind any urgent support issues. Please call us if your issue is urgent.

• You can also use our support ticket system to report an issue, but please call if your issue is urgent.

We also utilise Preventative Maintenance contracts, which can help to prevent or mitigate problems which cause major disruptions.

A Preventative Maintenance contract is a prerequisite for a support contract where your organisation has a server. We monitor critical devices and services for contract clients, allowing rapid diagnosis of arising issues.

Telephone support

Telephone Support Many issues can be remedied over the phone, getting you up and running as quickly and simply as possible. You can also email us and we will call you back.

Remote support

Remote Support Enables our engineers to control your computer as if they were in the same room, and quickly investigate and remedy problems. Remote support allows for very fast response times.

On-site support

On-site Support If the problem is beyond the scope of remote support, or if it involves hardware problems, then our engineers will come on-site to assist at your location. Due to the nature of an on-site visit, appointments will be made for a specific time.

In-house support

In-house Support If required, machines will be brought back to our facility to be worked on in a controlled environment. This is the best course of action if data recovery is needed or if virus infection is suspected.