A server can fulfill many roles at the heart of your IT network. It can act as a central repository of all your organisation's files and allow collaborative working. It can automate tasks and make sure your data is secure and backed up. Specialised servers can manage your phone system, emails and other communications systems.

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We will recommend the right server solution for your organisation to enable you to store your data, share files and manage your communications.

We are a Fujitsu Select Partner and work with Fujitsu to develop highly dependable, cost effective solutions for our clients. Reliable and efficient rack-mounted or free-standing hardware running Windows or Linux platforms.

Robust hardware

Robust hardware Powerful hardware provides reliability and high availability.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient Modern hardware offers lower power consumption and increased efficiency compared to older servers.

Increased security

Specialised servers Dedicated servers for phone systems, communications and applications to suit your organisation.

Virtualisation allows computers or servers to be generated as virtual versions within a more powerful computer or server.