Authorised Partners


3CX Partner

3CX is a software-based, open standard, IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications features, out of the box.

GML Partner 3CX


Acer Affinity Silver Partner

Acer is the one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and Laptops in the world and we have been supplying their products to businesses and home users for over 15 years.

GML Partner Acer


APC Registered Partner

APC provide high quality power protection equipment to protect any size of device, from a single PC to an entire data centre.

GML Partner APC


Asus Reseller

Asus produce a range of bare-bones systems, motherboards and netbooks.

GML Partner ASUS


AVG Gold Reseller

In our opinion AVG provide one of the most comprehensive and affordable anti-virus solutions on the market today. As a Gold Reseller we can offer competitive pricing on all of their products. See our anti-virus page for more information.

GML Partner AVG

Chicane Internet

Chicane Partner

Chicane provides telecoms, business grade ADSL, Leased Lines, Fibre to the Cabinet and many other Internet services.

GML Partner Chicane Internet


Cisco Select Partner with Small and Midsize Business Specialization

Cisco is a world leader in networking equipment from datacentre switches to consumer electronics. It also offers a range of routers and other communications devices under the ‘Linksys by Cisco’ brand. We deploy networking solutions based on Cisco products and have undertaken the necessary certification requirements to attain Select Partner status.

GML Partner Cisco


D-Link Registered Partner

D-Link is one of the world’s leading networking infrastructure providers, and has been delivering innovative, high-performing and intuitive products for both businesses and consumers for over 30 years now. D-Link’s 30th anniversary celebrated its heritage and passion to innovate in bringing people together, reflected in the company’s mission statement: Building networks for people.

GML Partner D-Link


EntaNet Partner

We are proud to be an Entanet Partner. We resell Entanet internet connectivity services to our clients which are cost effective, reliable and supported by us.

GML Partner Entanet

Fujitsu Technology Services

Fujitsu Select Expert
Fujitsu Select Expert Storage Infrastructures
Fujitsu Select Expert Server Infrastructures

Fujitsu Technology Services are one of the largest PC, laptop and server manufacturers in the world.

GML is Fujitsu Select Expert certified with several specialisations such as Expert Server Infrastructure and Expert Storage Infrastructure.

We are one of three companies in East Anglia with Fujitsu Select Expert certification and work with Fujitsu to develop highly dependable, cost effective solutions for our clients.

GML Partner Fujitsu Select Expert
GML Partner Fujitsu Select Expert Storage Infrastructures
GML Partner Fujitsu Select Expert Server Infrastructures


GeoTrust Partner

GeoTrust are part of Symantec who, after the accquisition of GeoTrust and Thawte, are the worlds largest provider of SSL certificates and web security solutions.

GML Partner GeoTrust


HP Reseller

HP provide a full range of products for both consumers and businesses, including printers, servers, laptops, PCs and networking equipment.

GML Partner HP


Intel Reseller

The leading producer of processors for all computing uses.

GML Partner Intel


Jola Partner

Jola is a leading supplier of business communications including broadband and telephony.

GML Partner Jola


Lenovo Business Partner

Lenovo produces a range of laptops, formerly branded as IBM machines.

GML Partner Lenovo


Lockstep Systems Reseller

Lockstep provide some great tools to compliment Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system.

GML Partner Lockstep


Microsoft Partner Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

The worlds largest software manufacturer.

GML Partner Microsoft


Multitech Systems Optimum Reseller

Multitech in our opinion make some of the best analog modems in the world.

GML Partner Multitech

Sage Pay

Sage Pay Partner

Online payment solutions for businesses.

GML Partner Sage Pay


Seagate Partner

Manufacturers of hard disks and other storage devices.

GML Partner Seagate


Veritas Registered Partner

Veritas supplies industry-leading backup and recovery software.

GML Partner Veritas


Yealink Certified Partner

Yealink is a global brand that specializes in voice communications, video conferencing and SIP phone hardware.

GML Partner Yealink


Zyxel ZAP Silver Partner

We highly recommend the Zyxel range of networking solutions and deploy Zyxel hardware for clients to meet their business objectives. We have attained Zyxel ZAP Silver Partner status and regularly evaluate Zyxel’s new products and technologies.

GML Zyxel ZAP Silver Partner Certificate

GML Partner Zyxel