Website Design

You want the information on your business’s website to be clear, up-to-date and easy to access. It is important to have a well designed site that will display equally as well on a phone or a desktop PC.

Website design vector logo

GML websites are designed to scale to be viewed on mobile devices so your content will always be available.

They are also easy to update, allowing you to add or change content through a browser based control panel.

Design, style and layout to your specifications. You can specify as much or as little of the design as you like, we will suggest layout, theme and colour options where needed. We will also design logos and branding elements, or use preexisting ones where present.

Designed to your specifications

Flexible design Designed to your specifications and preferences. Logos can also be designed if required.

Responsive layouts

Responsive layouts Websites that scale and display well on all devices from PCs to phones and tablets.

Easy editing

User-updatable content Update content with a browser based control panel to keep your site up to date.