Fax Machines And ATAs

Integrate your legacy fax machines with your VoIP network.

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While the popularity of fax machines has hugely declined due to the use of email and other internet communication methods, fax machines remain essential in sectors such as the legal profession and healthcare.

Fax machines rely on analogue phone lines, also known as PSTN lines. When the PSTN network is shut down in 2025, these fax machines will stop working.

Continue using your legacy fax machines by integrating them with your VoIP phone system with analogue telephone adapters or ATAs.

See more information about the PSTN switch-off here:
PSTN switch off

Fax integration

Fax using your existing machine Keep using your existing fax machine and familiar working practices, integrated into your modern VoIP system.

Flexible phone system

Integrate other analogue equipment Existing analogue phone handsets can be used with your VoIP via an ATA, which can help to reduce the cost of switching to a VoIP phone system.

Reduces costs, works with mobiles

Alternative fax services Fax services that integrate with your email for sending and receiving via your PC or mobile are also available.