WordPress Updates Policy

WordPress websites require regular updates to stay safe and secure.

(For more information on updates, please Google "Why do you need to update WordPress?").

Most updates can be installed automatically, and usually WordPress will update without issues, but there's always a chance that something will go wrong. For this reason we recommend the updates are installed manually.

Installing updates is a simple process, and we're happy to teach you how to keep your WordPress website up-to-date. If something goes wrong then just let us know - we can work with you to fix the problem, or restore your site to the last good backup.

Alternatively, we're happy to install the updates for you.

If you prefer we can set your website to automatic updates. In this situation it's the responsibility of the customer to keep an eye on the website and notify us if something is amiss.

Please note -

All websites are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities. If a plugin is found to be vulnerable it will be automatically disabled. This might render parts or the whole of your website unavailable. In this scenario we will quote to replace the vulnerable plugin but we cannot reactivate the vulnerable plugin - it must be upgraded, replaced or removed.

If you have not authorised us to update your site and you are not updating the site either then we reserve the right to install the updates ourselves or enable automatic updates, to ensure the security of your website and our servers.

All work undertaken in respect of maintaining WordPress websites (including but not limited to installing WordPress updates, training, troubleshooting and restoring from backups) is deemed chargeable work.