Thunderbird And Let’s Encrypt certificates

Using a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate where your emails are hosted with GML and you use Thunderbird as your email client.

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Unfortunately there is an incompatibility between the free-to-use email client Thunderbird and the free-to-use "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificates we use on our servers.

This means that if you are using Thunderbird and GML's own email solutions then every 90 days you will find your email stops working as the SSL certificate has changed on our server. This is mandated by "Let's Encrypt" and we cannot change this from 90 days.

So, when this happens, please call us to rectify the issue if you do not know how to fix this yourself.

We would be more than happy to fix it for you, and also show you how to fix the issue in a few clicks when it next happens.

Of course this is inconvenient, and there are free (but insecure) or paid options to resolve this issue, as follows -

Firstly, the reason you are seeing this issue is because your email client is trying to establish a secure connection to our server but the certificate has changed.

So the first (not recommended) option is to turn off the security. This means you would not have to accept a new certificate every 90 days, but it would mean your email password is being sent insecurely over the Internet, where it could be intercepted. So whilst this is an option it is not a secure option, and we do not recommend this approach.

The second option is to switch Thunderbird for Outlook, which is a paid product and will accept new "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificates automatically.

The third option is to add a paid SSL certificate to your website/email server. Please contact us at moc.t1713218088nlmg@1713218088ofni1713218088 to discuss this option further.