Domain Transfers



To transfer any domain name away from GML services we require a signed request on headed paper in the name of the owner of the domain(s).

The owner is the entity we invoice in respect of domain registration fees.

The information we require on the request depends on the type of domain as follows:

.uk domains

.UK domains (eg
For .UK domains, the request needs to specify the outgoing domain name(s) and the new IPS TAG(s).

Example request: "Please transfer DOMAINNAME.CO.UK - new IPS TAG is JOKER"

All other domains

All other domains (eg .com)
For all other domains the request needs to specify the outgoing domain name(s) and request that the domain is unlocked for transfer and an AUTH ID is provided.


Example request: "Please transfer DOMAINNAME.COM - unlock domain for transfer and provide AUTH ID"

The request should also include the email address or postal address the AUTH ID(s) are to be forwarded to.

Example: "Please email all AUTH IDs to"


Please Note: There is no cost to transfer out one Domain name. Second and subsequent transfers requested alongside your first Domain name transfer request, whilst an existing transfer is in progress or within seven days of the completion of a transfer out will be subject to a charge of £100 plus VAT, payable in advance.